storybook + keepsake

If you really want to know about Snap Stories, you’ll have to think outside the box and go inside the pages of the story, because that’s where all the magic happens.  (If you haven’t yet, click on the video to the right.)  You’ll see these whimsically illustrated storybooks are uniquely constructed.  Just peel back to expose the tape ALREADY INSIDE THE PAGE and press your photos into the story.  That’s it.  Done!  FUN!

the Mom behind the idea

Snap Stories is the latest of Emma’s adventures.  From biologist, to inventor, to illustrator, to mom, the constant chase for Emma is to ‘make it personal.’  She says, “You only live once, so do it with all your heart!”

When she became a mom a few years ago, two BIG (unexpected) things happened.  First, any extra time to create personal gifts instantly disappeared.  To boot, she was struck with an unstoppable urge to photograph her baby doing EVERYTHING!

This combo could only lead one place.  She began using the power of printed photos to deliver her personal touch.  Little remained without a snapshot taped to it…cards, books, home decor, gifts and more!  I’m sure you can see where this story ends (or begins)…Emma created Snap Stories!

She’s not sure if Snap Stories are more fun for the kids who enjoy (and can make!) them, or for the grown ups who adore any showcase of the smiles, memories, and mere essence of childhood these unique stories capture.

From her heart, to your home.  Enjoy.  Share.  Cherish.


And, not surprisingly, she holds the world record for Fastest Photobook Ever: