Snap Happy!

When you get to know Snap Stories better, you’ll learn each book is a party waiting to happen.  Then you’ll want to share their cleverness and good looks with all your friends!

Use them as party favors

Wanna really leverage the fun of Snap Stories at your party:

  • slip a different photo of the honored guest into the cover slot of each book (what a great conversation starter, too)
  • slip a photo of each guest into the cover slot of each book (so clever as a name card)

I know a gal who used them at a couple’s baby shower.  She slipped bayb photos of both the mom-to-be and the dad-to-be in the front of the My Baby Face books.  She slipped photos from their childhood birthdays in the front of the birthday Snap Stories.  She slipped photos of the couple at their wedding in the One Big Adventure books.  [Note:  she didn’t seal the photos in place, she just slipped them into the cover slot & put a small piece of tape on the corner to hold them there for the party.  Then the guest took the book home as a favor and put their own family photos in it.]  Guests raved about the clever gift!

Use them as party activities

Great for sleep overs or crafting clubs, these books are perfect for a start to finish project (provided you have the photos available).

Use them as decor

Make a Snap Story for the center piece of each table.

This would work great for fundraisers outlining adventures and activities that the organization has provided.  This would work great for a casual wedding where the couple took many trips together.