Sense of Accomplishment

Who doesn’t want to see a kid feeling good about something they did “all by themselves.”

Snap Stories are so easy kids can follow the peel & press steps to make their own photo story book.  For kids age 3-8, it’s advised to include an adult (fun project with mom/dad, grandma/grandpa, babysitter, or siblings).  For older kids, let ‘em run with it!

reading is fun!

Layered into each whimsically illustrated book is a story.  This story provides a great way to learn letters, words, and the interplay of photos with language.  Seeing familiar people, places, and memories while reading is very encouraging to a new reader.  I’ve heard many folks comment that they really like reading the stories with their kids.  Some kids want to hear it (or read it) every night!

Show and Tell

For kids, Snap Stories are a perfect way to show and tell a group of peers about something important to them, like a family vacation, a new sibling, or a special birthday.  Most importantly, it’s a book they can make themselves.

Buy some for the wonder-full kids you know!