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calling all creatives

sweet gift idea #10

I make it a rule to distance Snap Stories from scrapbooking.  If I say that word, (most) people get jittery thinking of the time, supplies, photos, skills, space, and energy it conjures.  Just to be clear, Snap Stories are not scrapbooks.

back page has a photo cut-out taped over the book’s bar code OK, now that we’ve established that rule:  time to break it!  Just like grammar or o-chem, there are always exceptions.  Same with the crafting boundaries of Snap Stories!  Some folks just can’t turn off the creative crafting juice that pulses through their fingers.  These folks, as well as the rest of the planet, can have fun creating and “altering” Snap Stories.

To make a special, unique gift for a friend or family member who is crafty & creative, buy one of each Snap Stories title, tie with with a ribbon, add a note that says “This year if a life experience calls to be commemorated with photos and your personal creativity, you’re set.  These books can be the starting point to great gifts that come to life with your special, hand-crafted touch.  Have fun!  Create Away!”

I’ve seen people take the Hip Hooray It’s Your Birthday storybook (great for boy OR girl) and add stickers to make it lean more girl-ish or boy-ish. It’s also practical to use stickers to cover up things in snapshots that aren’t awesome. (Example:  In ‘Poppy’s 61st Birthday’ stickers are covering up the medical equipment in the hospital as he’s holding his newborn grandbaby.)

the husband-son were cut out and taped in below the photo opening, and another grade school picture was added in the right corner by the roller skate.My favorite new ‘technique’ is to take a photo that I didn’t use in one of the photo openings, carefully cut out the main attraction and use double-stick tape to add it into the mix of doodled craziness in the story.  I have also cut out heads from photos and taped them over owls, cows, inside Mini Coopers, and peeking out of baby carriages!  If the book is for a baby, I’ll cover the cut-out in clear packing tape, just to secure it from being pried or sucked off.

Just to be clear:  it’s not scrapbooking.  We like to call it “snap-booking”!

Hope to see you on the Keepsake CUPCAKE Tour,


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