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This (over)board book rocks!

sweet gift idea #9

I think one of my friends has psychic powers.  I knew I was going to write about Snap Stories being a perfect fit for hydrophilic-friends on your holiday list, but I hadn’t told a soul.  Then my friend Kelly emails me this morning, raving about One Big Adventure with her photos from Nantucket:

Hi! i just wanted to tell you that i put together another “one big adventure” last night with photos from our trip to Nantucket. i love it so much. i’m not sure someone can really understand how amazing these books are until they make one themselves. i just about cry every time i look at it.

it makes editing the right photos from an event so easy. you cant go wrong because it just makes each pic so meaningful and the cropping is perfect.

i usually end up saving these envelopes full of redundant photos from an experience because i dont know what else to do with them besides agonize over which ones to put in expensive framing (which i have no room to display) or pour them into chunky boring albums that just collect dust. Having a collection of snap stories is so perfect. They hardly take up any space on the shelf and when you take them out to show someone, it gets right to the point - unlike boring someone with a giant album   which includes photos of everything you ate on your vacation!

It sounds like I paid her, but I didn’t.  (Although I will throw a free book her way just because her comments made me so happy!)

I wrote & illustrated One Big Adventure to be independent of season, location, gender, or age.  However (probably because I LOVE the beach!), water-themed photos in this particular book look fantastic.

One super-fun (and extra thoughtful) way to package the books is to create an “instant activity kit” for the lucky recipient.  If you happen to have photos of the person or family, take the extra time to get (12-15) photos printed and enclose them in an envelope with the Snap Story book.  Now what kid or grown up wouldn’t love that kind of instant photo gratification, kind of like the fun of a Polaroid, remember those?

Happy giving,

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