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I [heart] Will Welch

OK, I’ve never met Will Welch, but I just stumbled upon an article he wrote for GQ back in October, and, now, I’m his biggest fan!  Here’s the article:

Learn How to Use That Thing!:  12 Foolproof Rules for Making Smarter, Edgier, Better Digital Photos.

If you want some quick pointers for taking better photos (on the go), read Will’s quick tips.  I learned a lot, like exactly when to switch on the low-light setting…I’ll try it at least.

But it was his last remark that made me want to tattoo a WW inside a tiny heart right on the end of the finger I use to snap photos.  He said:

Bring Back the Refrigerator Photos…and the photo-filled shelves, walls, and bathroom mirrors. Because what good are your perfectly lit, expertly framed, life-affirming photographs if they’re sitting un-looked-at on your damn hard drive?

The refrigerator door is the exact analogy I use when I’m clarifying the way to use Snap Stories.  I say, “No, they aren’t like photo books you make online.  In fact, they aren’t albums.  They’re just a glimpse, just a sequence of moments that serve to bring good memories to life whenever you flip through them.  That’s it.  They’re fun, happy, touchable, lovable, and low-maintenance.  Basically, they’re the portable version of your refrigerator door.”

So if you haven’t yet, click through and read the article.  I’m off to doodle Will Welch’s name all over my notebook (hee hee), so I’ll leave you with one more nugget of his brilliance:  “Learn to take photos on the fly, when your friends hardly notice they’re getting snapped.  That’s when you start to capture offbeat, funny, real moments.”  Like Cali’s blue paint mustache, for example.

Have fun & resolve to print more of those now-improved shots!

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