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Good Ol' Thanksgiving: just picture it

If it’s not blaringly obvious, I’ll state it now:  I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  Holidays like Thanksgiving are delicious to the core, oozing nostalgic sentiment at every angle.

Family & friends, turkey & cranberry, sharing & giving, remembering & making:  yum, yum, double yum!

In that vein, I’m also a sucker for printed photos.  Nope, NOT the photos trapped on your phone or home computer, the other (near obsolete) version of photos that in days past adorn the refrigerator with mismatched magnets, dog-earred and curly, but present and touch-able.

In the spirit of giving, I wanted to share a few ideas to jumpstart your family’s nostalgia.  By the way, if you are inundated with offers from Shutterfly, TinyPrints, Snapfish, and the like, don’t worry—this isn’t like that.  These ideas are much easier than composing a photo card or getting caught up in the sea of fabulous design options…  These ideas work with any ol’ snapshot, and they can happen without much thought or time spent selecting photos.  I call it Instant Nostalgia.  Wanna give it a whirl?

  1. Print out* 20 or 30 photos that you like.  Don’t deliberate over “are these the best?” or anything like that, just do it.  Put the stack of photos on the coffee table (within kid-reach of course) and let the conversations begin, or lay them on the seats at the holiday table (a fun surprise as everyone is sitting down), or use them as “bread crumbs” when your kids wake up Thanksgiving morning, leading to a note at the kitchen table that says “HAPPY THANKSGIVING—-I’m so thankful for YOU!”  *(just take your phone to Walgreen’s or Target with a USB connector cable; it’s that easy.)
  2. Again, using images from your phone, pick out 10 fun photos.  Get double prints of these images.  Use the photos as a simple, instant game of memory (also called concentration) by turning all the photos over (back side facing up) and try to find the set of matching photos.  Nothing fancy, literally, just the photos.
  3. Printed photos these days cost about a dime, so (unless they are really old & irreplaceable) they are, well, completely replaceable.  So go hog wild! Cut them, tape them, write on them, spray them with perfume(!) and otherwise simply enjoy them.  I like to cut out people in photos & tape the cut outs on all sorts of things and even in snack bags as an added (sugar-free) surprise….even sprinkled around the kids’ holiday table!
  4. Of course you could layer Snap Stories into the fun.  Most families have a box of random printed photos.  Pull out that dusty box and add a few Snap Stories to the mix.  Sit together as a family and snap together stories of family adventures, old baby pics, or birthday keepsakes.  You could also buy an (old school!) three-ring photo album and stick the photos into an album…don’t worry about chronology, just do it!  A baby step is better than no step—-it’s the perfect family activity for young & old to tackle together.
  5. Or, if you’re hosting and looking for something to keep the kids busy while the adults catch-up, have the big kids (8+) help the little kids (4+) make a Snap Story to give to the grandparents when the pumpkin pie & whip cream is served.  Surley your family has photos from a summer trip, or celebrating a special birthday, or of a new baby in the family.  The act of making the book will bring everyone into the experience, even if they aren’t front & center in the photos.  (This is a serious esteem booster PLUS family-bonding opportunity!)

Wishing you a Snappy (& Happy) Thanksgiving holiday,


Looking for more, see a few of my ideas from the past:

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Also, you can now pick up Snap Stories in the Whole Body department at Whole Foods in Town & Country, as well as I Am What I Am in St. Charles.  For a list of all Missouri retailers, click here.



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