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3 Tips for Vacation Snapshots

Tis the season for summer fun!  Should you find yourself at the beach, atop a mountain, paddling a canoe, or scampering off for Disney fun, chances are you’ll snap a couple (hundred) shots to hold onto the adventure a little longer.

I have three photo tips for all your trips.

1)  Get the grown-ups in on the action.  My camera is always pointed at my kids.  Once in awhile (note to self) I need to get in a photo, so that looking back, I feel like part of the action, too.  When the kids are old enough (4+) they can handle pointing & shooting a camera, and they like to be included in the snap-happy fun.  Or, better yet, go ahead and ‘bother’ a stranger to get your whole family together.  THESE ARE THE PHOTOS you’ll appreciate.

2)  That leads perfectly into my next tip.  When you see someone in the moment of taking photos of their family or friends, offer to take a photo of all of them.  (Especially if you see them trying to do that straight-arm-out-I-can-get-all-our-faces-in-if-we-squish-really-close-together shot!)  I can’t tell you HOW GRATEFUL people are for the offer.  Just imagine if it was you, and you really didn’t want to ‘bother’ someone to take your picture.  The smiles of appreciation I’ve received when I make this offer still surprises me.  I mean, it’s literally two minutes of my time & it’s no effort at all. 

3) Take some photos, then take a break.  It’s great to have photos (clearly), but the point of your vacation is to claim pure moments of happiness.  For this you have to engage in the moment and “live it the first time” WITHOUT trying to capture it for future enjoyment.  Find the balance between having your camera handy and having your hands free to hug your kids, walk hand-in-hand with your honey, and wave adios to your worries.

Wishing you safe & happy summer fun!


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