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a rosy look at travel blues

We have had so much travel in our home this past month!  Work took me to California recently, and then Carter to Poland and Germany for a few weeks…

It’s exhausting to be at home, parenting solo, while my husband travels; and I know it’s hard for him to be away from his family.  He even told me he didn’t want to call and hear our voices because he missed us all so much.  He said, “You have no idea how many times I watched the videos and looked through the summer photos on my phone.”

Similarly, on the home front we looked at an above-average number of photos featuring “daddy playing with the girls.”  No surprise, we have Snap Stories on hand to jog our memories, too.  (And daddy has a My Baby Face for each his girls as babies.  He keeps in his suitcase and sets up like a frame on the night stand at hotels.)

In fact while he was gone, we had an evening activity of making a One Big Adventure storybook for friends we visited this summer.  It was one of those ‘deeper’ activities that I get a kick out of because the kids loved it, I loved it, and —BONUS!—we have a fabulous thank you gift to give to a dear family who I know will love it, too (AND I can cross sending the thank you card off my list)!

It made me feel good to know that during the time we were missing daddy, we were making something for Grant, who’s daddy also travels a lot.  Lilah, 4-years-old, acknowledged that by saying “Grant can keep this with him on his cot at nap time if he wants.”  Her sentiment was so sweet, and although Grant doesn’t go to day care like Lilah and her sister do, I know he will keep the book close by.  He can take comfort in glimpses of his dad and mom during the day (—-not to mention his two new coastal playmates:  Lovely Lilah and Crazy Cali).

Take a look at what we made in 20 minutes:

should say “my mouth ached from screaming!”

Pretty cute, huh?  I hope it’s a story Grant (and his parents!) will want to visit over and over for years to come…

Happy Trails & keep some family photos in your suit or brief case, as you never know when your fancy phone may fall in a margarita…. and zap!  (yes, it’s happened :)



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