The “T” word

The “t” word [Thanks] is just as important as the “p” word [Please].  In the day-and-age of emailed thank yous, here’s your opportunity to knock the socks off of someone with a thank you they’ll thank you for!

Almost as cheap to mail as a card, but worth the weight of gold.

Here are some situations that are picture-perfect for a Snappy thank you:

  • You were invited to vacation at someone’s summer home.  Send them a book complete with photos from the week of relaxing (One Big Adventure).
  • Your friend talked you into tackling the Appalachian Trail (One Big Adventure).
  • You were able to complete the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer AND raise the money needed to participate, send a thank you (One Big Adventure) to the person who pledged or helped with training or whatever…
  • Your graduation gift of a European tour was definitely One Big Adventure.  Let your parents know you are grateful for the experience.
  • You’re a new mom and your friend stopped by that first month to help you with laundry, help you get out of the house on walks, and listen to you cry about not getting any sleep…give her a My Baby Face of your new bundle of (mostly) joy.

Now you get the gold star for good manners!